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November 8, 2008

Coherent Yoga (Coherent Yoga is a trademark of COHERENCE LLC, Allen, TX.)

Hello, and thank you for your interest. During coming months, I will present a system of yoga that I've named "Coherent Yoga".

As you might guess, it is a series of asanas that are practiced in unison with Coherent Breathing in such a way as to elicit optimal blood flow, autonomic nervous system balance, and bioenergetic potential, these being foundational to yogic pursuit.

I'd like to introduce this topic by discussing the overarching goal of yoga.

The goal of "yoga" is "to realize that we are one". This is not to say that "people are one". This is to say that "everything is one". The meaning of the word "yoga" is "yoke with oneness", "bound to oneness", "unified", "at one". What does this mean? It means that we "realize" that we are not separate beings. Instead, that "we" are an integral "dancing" part of the (unified) cosmos. In Kashmiri Shaivism, this yoga is referred to as "The Yoga of Supreme Identity", the goal being "identification with the supreme", no matter how you might think of it.

I personally relate to the notion that everything (including us) is painted on the same canvas. This canvas has been known throughout history as "the ether". If you are familiar with radio communications, we often speak of "modulating the air", but it is not air at all that is being modulated, it is the stuff behind air. Air rests on the same foundation as the rest of the cosmos, including us - the canvas. What this canvas is, is the key focus of quantum physics, string theory, etc.

The purpose of yoga is to facilitate the realization of this "truth" that we are not separate, but that we are one. This realization is not an intellectual notion. It is a knowing. To know, one must understand - to understand, one must experience - to experience, one must "sense". Therefore, this "knowing" is based in the clear sense of oneness.

What does this sense of oneness feel like? There are several hallmark sensations: 1) "We" our body, our minds, know no distinct physical boundaries - our skin melds with our surroundings. 2) The bioenergy of the body, our "prana" or "qi" is able to move beyond the limit of our skin - we learn that we are not contained within our physical bodies. 3) As our energetic sphere expands, so does our realm of our mind. 4) Thought is suspended.

There are practices that facilitate these feelings and resultant understanding. These are the practices of "yoga". This being said, it is not necessary that we set such lofty goals for ourselves. Our goal can simply be to reclaim a degree of control over ourselves, our mind-state, our health, our thoughts and emotions. This is enough - the rest will follow.

The most foundational exercise is "breathing". As Iyengar says, without proper breathing, nothing else (in yoga) is possible. The 2nd most foundational exercise is "posture". Without the correct posture, one cannot have the awareness that is required to progress. Therefore, in our discussion of Coherent Yoga, we will address breathing and posture first.

Then, we will progress to introduce a specific series of asanas that are uniquely designed to incorporate correct breathing, posture, and movement. The goal is to facilitate blood flow, bioenergetic potential, and autonomic nervous system balance. We'll see how all of these things relate in coming chapters.


The end for now.....thank you for your interest.




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