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                                                                                                                                                May 15 , 2010

News & Notes:

- May 11th, 2010 - Coherence awarded U.S. patent #7713212, Method and System for Consciously Synchronizing the Breathing Cycle with the Natural Heart Rate Cycle.

- December 2nd, 2008 - Coherence awarded patent #7458937, Method and System for Improving Health Via Assessment of the Dynamic Respiratory Arterial Pressure Wave Using Plethysmographic Technique.

- April 20, 2008: Coherent Breathing - The Definitive Method was published in eBook format.

- April 20, 2008: Coherence has been awarded the following US Patents: 7255672, 7311658, 7349194.

- September, 2007: Dee Edmonson and I presented the half day workshop titled Respiration, Arterial Pressure, Heart Rate Variability, and Autonomic Nervous System Governance: Theory and Practice, at the International Society for Neurofeedback & Research annual meeting in San Diego, CA. Click on the link to access the presentation.

- February, 2007: Dee Edmonson and I presented the half day workshop, "A New Science of Breathing", at the Association of Applied Psychology and Biofeedback, Monterey, CA.

- January, 2007: The New Science of Breath is now available in 2nd edition.

- September 7, 2006: Stephen Elliott and Dee Edmonson conducted a 3 hour worshop, A New Science of Breathing, at the 14th annual conference of the International Society for Neuronal Regulation, September 7th, Atlanta, GA. Part I of the presentation is available here.

- Authors Elliott and Edmonson will be holding a book signing on July 8th from 7-10pm at D'Vine Wine on the square in downtown McKinney, TX. All proceeds go to Dallas Providence Network. The McKinney art festival is the same day!

- June 16, 2006: The New Science of Breath is published and now available in both eBook (.pdf) and paperback format.

- May 29, 2006: COHERENCE introduces Six Bridges a Breathing Pacemaker recording designed expressly for relaxing or "unwinding" the 6 anatomical zones of the body that possess dual autonomic and somatic governance. Click here for more information.

- April 9, 2006: COHERENCE introduces "The Eagle Will Rise Again", a new MP3 and the first melodic pacemaker recording. The background is a breezy rainy morning; the foreground is the rhythm from Alan Parson's classic, The Eagle Will Rise Again.

- April 2, 2006: The New Science of Breath is published and now available in eBook (.pdf) format.

- September 15, 2005: COHERENCE(TM) introduces "Horizontal Pratyahara", the first recording of its type optimized for breathing meditation while lying on your back in a horizontal position. Because the autonomic nervous system optimizes the frequency of resonance based on body inclination, a slightly slower rhythm is optimal when horizontal. It also incorporates a binaural beat at 6.5 Hz. (upper theta band) against a soothing water background. See Products.

- September 12, 2005: COHERENCE donated 250 copies of RESPIRE 1 to the Katrina fundraiser at the International Society for Neuronal Regulation (ISNR) meeting in Denver, raising in excess of $2000 for Katrina relief.

- July 17, 2005: COHERENCE(TM) is seeking an angel investor(s) of like mind. Please contact:

- July 2, 2005: COHERENCE(TM) introduces "Taiji Diagram", the 2nd Flash Projector based multimedia Breathing Pacemaker product. See Products.

- May 15, 2005: COHERENCE(TM) releases the special report: "Galvanic Skin Response - A Window Into Breathing and Autonomic Nervous System Function". This report documents results of the novel investigation into the use of galvanometric skin response (GSR) to assess the relationship between breathing and autonomic nervous system functioning.

- April 27, 2005: COHERENCE(TM) introduces the first multi-media Breathing Pacemaker(tm), "COHERENCE CLOCK". See Products.

- March 31, 2005: COHERENCE(TM) is seeking a development and manufacturing partner to produce consumer and medical grade products/instruments. Please contact:

- March 22, 2005: Effective today, compact disc "RESPIRE" is replaced by "RESPIRE I". RESPIRE I includes, Clock and Tibetan Bell, 2 Bells, and Vocal Instructive Sequence. See Products.

- March 18, 2005: Initial release of Specification for Incorporating COHERENCE(TM) Rhythms and Methods into Commerical Works. This specification documents the minimal set of requirements governing the creation of artistic and commercial audio-visual works incorporating COHERENCE(TM) "Breathing Pacemaker" capabilities. Rights to incorporate these capabilities are granted on a license-only basis. Interested parties please inquire here.

- March 7, 2005: New MP3 product, "Vocal Instructive Method" released. In this new Breathing Pacemaker(TM) recording, Steve Elliott provides a 30 second introduction followed by ~25 minutes of verbally directed "inhalation and exhalation". This recording is produced especially for beginners and those that find vocal direction easily accessible.

- February 28, 2005: "SLOW DOWN!" released . This new CD is for the specific purpose of gradually retraining the "normal" resting breathing frequency from a faster rhythm to a slower rhythm. It presents 16 consecutive breathing intervals from 20 breaths per minute to 5 breaths per minute. See Products.

- February 18, 2005: Issue 1 of Coherence, Yoga, and Meditation released. 

- February 8th, 2005, 4:28 P.M: COHERENCE(TM) commences commercial operation coincident with the turn of the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rooster.














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